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Bodegas Pascual


Bodegas Pascual

Bodegas Pascual

Food pairing

D.O. Rueda Heredad de Peñalosa verdejo 100%

This verdejo wine bouquet perfectly matches white asparagus, by reducing their watery part and providing more minerality. It is also recommended for white and oily fish, like tuna, where the white fruit and aromatic herbs aromas always raise underdone fish texture (Japanese style). Do not miss with any kind of shell, white clam, cockle or rock mussle, where sea aromas will melt with floral wine aromas. It is excellent in white truffle sauces too.


D.O. Rias Baixas Leira Reyero albariño 100%

This albariño white wine fits together perfectly with any type of white fish, the ripe tropical white fruit aromas and textures as well as its lively acidity in the tip of the tongue, make intensify the fish flesh and its salinity; it is pleasant with seafood where its perfum gives it freshness. It is also nice pairing with any kind of poultry, giving it juiciness and boosting its aroma.


D.O. Ribera del Duero Heredad de Peñalosa
oaked red wine -roble- 4 months oak tempranillo 100%

It allows pairing with soup and vegetable dishes, also with any kind of birds, grilled meat, stew and stewed meat, harea meat and roast lamb.


D.O. Ribera del Duero Buró de Peñalosa
oaked red wine -crianza- 14 months oak tempranillo 100%

It well combines with meat and game, where it is grilled, roasted or stewed, pasta, cream and soup. Its enormous possibilities allow this wine to combine it with great elaborated meat recipes. It is also a star wine to fit with roast lamb.


D.O. Ribera del Duero Buró de Peñalosa
oaked red wine -reserva- 24 months oak tempranillo 100%

Our Reserva wine combines with pasta, cream and soup, grilled meat, roast lamb, stew and stewed meat, rice with lobster and rice with vegetables.


D.O. Ribera del Duero Diodoro Autor Limited Edition oaked red wine -Vino de Autor- 18 months oak tempranillo 100%

Diodoro Autor is the most balanced and complex wine in Bodegas Pascual; its elegance and well-balanced tannins turn it into a wide-ranging wine because you can try it with meat and game, pasta, cream and soup, any green dishes or with vegetables, fish stew or parsley sauce hake.


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