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Bodegas Pascual


Bodegas Pascual

Bodegas Pascual


Bodegas Pascual has got some plots stretching over 35 hectares (87.5 acres) of own vineyards arranged in wire-trained vines and bush vines, among them, there are 10 year-old vineyards (the youngest) until prefiloxeric / ungrafted vineyards (that is to say, more than a 100 year-old vineyards); all the vineyards belong to the Appellation of Origin "Ribera del Duero" being the 100% the main grape variety of this region known as "Tempranillo", "Tinto Fino" or "Tinta del País". The vineyards are cared with loving dedication, avoiding weed-killers and other aggressive treatment to the vineyards to preserve not only our selectionned vineyard wine and our limited edition wine high quality but also our oaked wines one altogether.


Bodegas Pascual controls the production from 65 to 100 year-old vineyards day by day between one year and another one.

The raw material is the most important thing for Bodegas Pascual, without great grapes there is no great wine. All the process is cared to the maximum, from the plantation till the wine harvest, as well as the cultural labours, the pruning, the vines thinning after the first colours appear on the grapes or not using water or irrigated land; all of them make all the mineral and nutritional elements that the soil provides to be in high concentration in so little production; this way it is guaranteed that the grapes that go in the winery are top quality.


Bodegas Pascual continues with the ancestral work started in Fuentelcésped of having the wine as a way of living and of giving the vines back the magnificence the vineyards gave to this town.

The vineyards have south exposure to the sunlight at midday. The soil is clayey-calcareous, at 850 metres above sea level, whereas rainfall in this zone is moderate, around 400 to 500 l/m2 annually, concentrated in spring and in autumn.

The Duero River contributes with the fog and morning mist that form an additional humidity source.