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Bodegas Pascual


Bodegas Pascual

Bodegas Pascual

Wine-making process

Grape harvest


The grape harvest begins whenever the grapes reach their optimum ripening moment; to help to decide which is the best time for harvesting, every single plot is visited every day, 35 hectares (87.5 acres) of own vineyards as well as continued communication with the wine-growers that deposit their grapes in Bodegas Pascual, in order to pick up and analyse the crop.

The minimum detail is controlled: grape bunches are not picked up if their alcohol content is under 13 degrees, there are 2,000 vines by hectare and water is not used for the crops. The crop thinning is made, where there is a selective removal of bunches in every stock so that the stocks could control themselves; so the production is less quantity, but more quality.

With this same precision, the grapes are picked up by hand and in small crates, being selectionned from the vineyards. These grapes are transported to the winery to start the wine-making process.


It is tried to join tradition and modernity in Bodegas Pascual: grape bunches are placed inside the grape receiving bin; later, the crusher de-stemmer separates the grapes from the stems to send the must to the different stainsteel vats previously assigned, in such a way that each single vat has similar characteristic grapes inside.