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Bodegas Pascual


Bodegas Pascual

Bodegas Pascual

Wine-making process


Once the grapes are in their appropriate vat, a pre-maceration between 8º to 10º is produced for three days. The alcoholic fermentation takes place inside these vats, which is an anaerobic process made by the common yeast or Saccaromyces cerevisae, by which this microorganism transforms the sugar content in the grape into ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide. The alcoholic fermentation usually lasts 15 days approximately at a controlled temperature between 20º to 25º.

A few days later, the wine will be ready to make the malolactic fermentation in a natural way for a month at 20º. This wine will be inside these stainless steels vats for several months being made different fining and filtration processes.