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Bodegas Pascual


Bodegas Pascual

Bodegas Pascual

Wine-making process

The grape harvest cycle

podaA new cycle starts between November and March; the first pruning is made, known as "poda en seco" (this pruning reduces the amount of unproductive wood). The vineyard shows no activity during this period of time.

The first vital annual sign in the stock appears in March known as "lloro" because the sap runs from the pruning shoots. We can also find the first shoots "brotación" and small leaves "foliación".

The flower opens at the end of May and fertilization is produced known as "fecundación" or "cuajado". The wine-grower takes care and oxygenates the land by organic fertilizers and keeps watch that the stocks are not attacked by weeds or several disease.

The buds in the stocks appear in June; the second pruning, known as "poda en verde" is made (where there is a selective removal of stems and vine shoots).

Uvas en junio

The grape bunches begin to have some nice colour between July and August, the "envero" has begun; the grape bunches which were green, they change to pale yellow in the white varieties whereas they change to pink, then mauve in the red varieties, until they get their colour little by little. The grape bunches loses acidity and accumulates sugar. The "aclareo" or crop thinning is also produced, where there is a selective removal of unriped bunches so that the stocks gain quality.

In September, the grapes continue changing their colour until they get a more intense colour. Sample tests are made to the vineyards to decide which is the most favourable time for harvesting, once the grapes have reached their optimum ripening; always following the Appellation of Origin "Ribera del Duero" indications and guidelines.


The grape harvest usually takes place in October. Daily controls have indicated the best time to start the harvest. It is time to tell the wine-growers, to start the tractors and forget about tiredness when you have been picking up grapes for several days. Family or good wine is not missed in the groups. The grape picketers cannot look up from the terroir, it is the right time and they must make the the most of it, so there is no time to lose. When all is over, there is a festival.


The vineyards have given back with the crop, all the work the wine-grower has done on them every year, day by day, no matter if it cold or warm, rainy or snowy. The stock is exhausted and winter is coming soon. Autumn colours change to tobacco colour leaves that fall from the stocks. The vine shoots are toughened and the sap is accumulated waiting for the next pruning to be free. A new cycle starts.