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Bodegas Pascual


Bodegas Pascual

Bodegas Pascual

Ancient underground wine cellar

Tradition and progress

Modernity and tradition are joined together in Bodegas Pascual. The present winery is laid down near another ancient underground wine cellar that dates back to the XIVth century, with six galleries dug out in the rock until 16 metres deep (52.50 feet under). There, temperature remains constant at 11ºC (52º F), an ideal level for wine ageing.

Bodega subterránea

Diodoro Pascual was the owner of this underground wine cellar as well as Félix and Enrique Pascual's father, he was always enjoying wine. He inculcated this passion to the people near him, this was the germ of the idea that led to the winery foundation by Félix, Enrique and their friend Gregorio Pascual in 1986.


The obliged counterpoint of this ancient underground cellar is the present octagonal-shaped winery modern instalations and facilities, situated at the entrance to the town Fuentelcésped: its stainless steel vats with capacity to elaborate 500,000 litres of must in perfect fermentation conditions; its 800 barrels 50% French and 50% American oak; its ageing room, carefully prepared to store up to 2,000 barrels in optimum conditions and, in short, thorough facilities that allow the most modern oenological techniques application.