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Legal Warning


The access to the web page represents the acceptance’s user of the following terms and conditions.

  1. Aim: To inform and give the user the possibility to get informed on line and even hire some goods or services to Bodegas Pascual, S.A.

  2. User: It is the person who clicks on and uses the portal or the website content. From the moment the user exercises this access, this user accepts deliberately, completely and unreserved the present conditions, the particular ones that complement, modify, substitute or eliminate the first ones as well as the specific ones established compared to the services provided inside the portal or website, promising, consequently, to act according to all the conditions written above.

  3. Use: The user promises to use the website by observing the obligation accepted in point nº 2 “user” of this page, as well as according to the regulations currently in force, to the generally accepted uses and to the presumable good faith between both parts. As a consequence of all this, it is deliberately prohibited the use of the website to illicit purposes, whether they are against Bodegas Pascual, S.A. or against any third, or they could hurt anybody’s feelings and/or cause patrimony or moral harm as a consequence of this use. It is expressly forbidden the use of this website on libellous, obscene, pornographic, intimidated, menacing purposes or of any nature that stir up to any behaviour which could be considered illicit and penal.

  4. Content: Bodegas Pascual, S.A. is the owner and the legitimate holder of the website and its content (text, images, audio, video… etc.), being protected by the Intelectual and Industrial Property Acts and Publicity Laws among others. The distribution, modification, transfer, public communication or any other acts non expressly authorized by Bodegas Pascual, S.A., owner of the exploitation rights, are expressly forbidden, and this last could exercise any appropiate legal actions when defending its rights. In relation to its content, it is expressly forbidden:
    - Its reproduction, distribution or modification, unless they have their legitime holder authorization or it is legally allowed, always having
    Bodegas Pascual, S.A. authorization.
    - Any infringement of
    Bodegas Pascual, S.A. rights or to their legitime holders over them.
    - Its use to any commercial or advertising purposes, different from the strictly allowed. – Any try to obtain the website contents by any means different from the ones showed to users, as well as the ones usually used on the net.

  5. Access right: The user will be the only responsible when using the website, extended this responsability even if the user provides their assigned password to enter the website to third ones. Bodegas Pascual, S.A. keeps the right to denegate the website access to those users who fail to observe what has been established in the present document or established in the particular or specific conditions applicable, any moment and without further notice.

  6. Bodegas Pascual, S.A. will be always able to modify the website structure and design unilaterally and without further notice, if it is considered appropriate, as well as modify, eliminate or amplify its services, contents, the website access and use conditions by updating them, then it is recommended that the website should be consulted with reasonable frequency, in case these modifications have been produced. The user will not be able to alter, change, modify or adapt this website without Bodegas Pascual, S.A. express authorization.

  7. Responsability: Bodegas Pascual, S.A. neither offers any guarantee nor is responsible, under any circumstances, of any harm and damages of any nature that could be derived from:
    - The lack of availability, maintenance and effective operation of the website and its services or contents.

    - The lack of utility, adaptation or validity of the website and contents to satisfy any needs, activities or specific results or users’ expectations. - The existence of viruses and wicked or damaging programmes in the contents. – The reception, obtaining, storage, broadcasting or transfer of the contents by the users.
    - The illicit, negligent, dishonest use opposed to the present general conditions, to the good faith, to the generally accepted uses or to the public order of the website as well as its services and contents made by the users. – The lack of law, quality, reliability, utility and availabity of services lent by third ones and provided to users in the website.
    This clause is submitted to the limits imposed by the Defense of Users and Consumers Law, this prevails over the terms and conditions of the website. Assuming that the user lives in a foreign country, it is recommended they revise the existence of these legal safeguards in their own country Laws.

  8. Brands: All the graphic brands that appear on the website are registered marks and their copy or use without the owner’s permission is forbidden.

  9. Hiperlinks: Any hiperlinks established in this website will be submitted under these conditions: - Total or partial reproduction of any services and contents of this website are not allowed.
    - Neither deep-links will be established with the web pages in the website nor with its services, neither a browser will be created nor a border environment over them. – Any false, untrue or incorrect statement will not be included about the website pages and its services. In the same way, the web page where the hiperlink is established will not contain any brands, commercial names, shop signs, appellations, logos, slogans or other signs different from the ones belonging to Bodegas Pascual, S.A. Those signs that form part of the same hiperlink will be an exception in the two previous assumptions. - Bodegas Pascual, S.A. will not be responsible neither of the contents or services provided to the public in the web page from where the hiperlink is done nor of the information or opinions included in them, under any circumstances. – With regard to the links in existence in Bodegas Pascual, S.A. website towards other websites outside the company, the access to them through links does not guarantee any information that could hurt the user’s feelings or causes any harm. Bodegas Pascual, S.A. does not control those websites from third parts and its inclusion does not necessarily mean any association with the people that have control over them.

  10. Cookies: Data obtained from cookies are safely maintained and are only used inside the Bodegas Pascual, S.A. website. You can avoid cookies by clicking on the option “Deactivate cookies” in your access programm to the Internet.

  11. E-mail address: Bodegas Pascual, S.A. asks for your e-mail address to keep a commercial relationship with you. This e-mail address will be used to send commercial information only to clients that will give us expressly authorization.

  12. Law and applicable Jurisdiction: The geographical limit applicable to the present website is the whole Spanish country. The present general conditions as well as the particular ones that modify the first ones, and the conditions that specify the hiring good or service will be under the Spanish Laws. Bodegas Pascual, S.A. and the user, with express renunciation to any other jurisdiction that they might be subject to, they will submit under the jurisdiction of the Courts in Aranda de Duero (Burgos), for any questions that may raise or any actions that may exercise derived from the website service as well as its services and contents, and about the interpretation, application, fulfilment or non-fulfilment of what has been hereby laid down. Assuming that the user lives in a foreign country, Bodegas Pascual, S.A. and the user, with express renunciation to any other jurisdiction that they might be subject to, they will submit under the jurisdiction of the Courts in Madrid.

  13. Security policy and data privacy: Bodegas Pascual, S.A. informs the user of the existence of an automated file of personal data created under its responsability. The website’s client should remember that all the personal data provided to us will be safely and confidentially treated. Bodegas Pascual, S.A. has the commitment to adopt any necessary measures to avoid its lost or any non-authorized treatment or access. The user or client gets informed and expressly accepts their personal data to be part of the automated files mentioned above in the first paragraph of this section, as well as the automated treatment they are going to be involved in, to Bodegas Pascual, S.A. commercial and operative purposes.
    Bodegas Pascual, S.A. informs the website or portal’s client or user that they have the right of access, modification, cancellation and opposition by reason of the Personal Data Protection Law. If you would like to put into practice any of the rights you have according to the paragraph above, please, send us an e-mail to indicating your user identity.

  14. On-line services: Bodegas Pascual, S.A. website is under the specific law that controls this kind of transactions in the net. The present conditions are completed with the specific legal conditions of the on-line hiring services that will be previously provided to the user before any hiring service.

  15. Comments: Your comments related to these terms and conditions are important to us. If you have any doubts or comments about them or about how Bodegas Pascual, S.A. website works, please, contact us on

  16. Copyright: Copyright © Bodegas Pascual, S.A. has available documents to exclusively inform our customers. All rights reserved about the information inside these pages. Bodegas Pascual, S.A., which is in favour of constant innovation, reserves for itself the right to make any modification in all its products of this website, without notice and without resulting in any kind of obligation derived from it.